Based in the fascinating hub of New Orleans, we're a family of grill fanatics who believe that a good cook never blames his appliances --- but it sure doesn't hurt to have quality products. With a passion for functional design and great-tasting food, we're here to help you create delicious experiences. We've been known to smoke brisket in a hurricane so watch out! Things could get wild around here.

Dave Johnson CEO


An entrepreneur and grill lover at heart, David Johnson is the founder and CEO of Grill Beast. He knows what grill masters want, and he never manufactures a product he wouldn’t add to his own cart.

When he’s not concocting ways to improve the impractical or poorly designed cooking tools con- sumers currently find on the market, he’s experimenting at the grill surrounded by family and friends.David regularly contributes his expertise to Grill Beast’s blog in an effort to help others create tasty experiences no one will soon forget.