At Grill Beast, we believe that grilling and smoking is not just a way to cook, but a way of life. We don’t just love grilling, we love the way it brings family and friends together.
Our highest priority is to serve our grilling community through positive support and teachings and to provide them with only the highest quality grilling tools so that they can be a Bad Ass on the grill!

Dave Johnson CEO


Both an entrepreneur and griller, David Johnson is the founder and CEO of Grill Beast. With Grill Beast, David began a company where he could give people the most value through something that he was passionate about.

David strives to serve the community and his customers better than anyone else and to provide the highest quality grilling tools around.

He also hosts a weekly live feed every Sunday morning on the Grill Beast Facebook business page called “Feast with the Beast,” where he grills various dishes, answers questions and gives grilling tips and advice.