Rock the VIP Like a Beast

Grill Beast is built around my passion for barbecuing and my desire to offer the best grilling products on the market, but we don’t stop there.

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We consider our customers family, and we want to provide information and ideas that will enhance your grilling experience and take you to the next level of grilling success!  That’s why we created the Grill Beast VIP program.

The Grill Beast VIP community is made up of seasoned pit masters, weekend grill warriors, competition cooks, and even people who are just starting to learn the art of barbecuing. It’s growing quickly, and that’s exciting because we are able to share our knowledge and experiences with people all over the world. Our VIP program offers fantastic benefits, and believe it or not, it’s totally free to join.

Weekly Giveaways

Every week we have drawings for Grill Beast Products, and our VIP members are automatically entered to win. We give a product away every single day of the week! There are lots of happy winners out there already, and we will keep adding names to that list!



Our recipe collection is extensive, and new ones are added all the time.  We have tried-and-true barbecue recipes for meat, poultry, wild game, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, pizza and even baked desserts!  All VIPs can add their own recipes to the Grill Beast VIP site, and with that kind of share power, there’s always find something interesting to make for dinner!  You’ll love the variety, and you’ll love the food!

Live Feeds

Every week we bring our VIPs live video feeds showing grilling techniques, hot tips, and featured recipes.  The sessions are interactive, and you can ask questions throughout the broadcast.  We send our VIPs a special link to join the fun!

Grill Beast Guides

VIP members receive free access to our top five guides.  The “Total Smoking Flavor Reference” lists 39 different types of wood for smoking, it describes the characteristics of each wood’s flavor, and it offers recommendations on which woods pair best with different foods.  Our “Temp Sheets” provide specific information on pit temperatures, cooking times, and final internal temperatures.  They include:  Perfect Poultry, Palatable Pork, Flavorful Fish, Tasty Beef, Other Meats, and Delicious Veggies, Fruits and Nuts.  These reference guides will help ensure your grilling success!

New Product Information

VIPs get the first look at new products as they are launched in the Grill Beast store. We have exciting new products that will be available soon, and we can’t wait to share them with our VIPs!  You’re going to be as excited as we are when you see them!

Beast-Size Giveaways

We like to keep our VIPs happy, so we also give away some really big prizes.  This month, the Grill Beast is giving away a large Big Green Egg, complete with side shelves, nest, plate setter, and a bag of charcoal!  The drawing is August 19th, and lots of VIPs have their fingers crossed!  Sign up now for the Grill Beast VIP, and you’ll be in the running for this awesome giveaway!

The Grill Beast Weekly Lagniappe

Grill Beast VIPs receive our newsletter every week.  It includes great grilling tips, recipes, and links to interesting sites. In case you’re wondering, lagniappe is a New Orleans term that means “a little something extra for free.”  

Members Only Promotions

Grill Beast offers special pricing and promotions exclusively for our VIP club members.  Yep, we’re always looking out for you!

So before you do anything else, click here to become a Grill Beast VIP! We look forward to having you  be part of our awesome grilling community, and we know you’re going to love all the perks!