Grilled Dessert with Chocolate and Bananas on Feast with the Beast, Episode 21

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Happy Easter and Welcome to Episode 21 of Feast with the Beast!

So today is the day.  The Easter Bunny has stopped by, leaving lots of chocolate candy (and calories!) in his wake.  Yes, technically this candy was left for the kids...but we parents all know where half of it ends up.  Easter has to be the second most diet-breaking holiday for adults, trumped only by Halloween.

And we also know how the Easter bunny really chooses what child gets what particular candy.  Somehow much of the candy in the basket turns out (coincidentally!) to be the favorite of the adults in the house…

But who wants to just sit there, helping unload your child’s burden by merely unwrapping and eating candy...after candy….after candy….

Today we’ll show you a couple of ways you can turn that those candy bars into the best part of any grilled meal...dessert!


Small Fajita Size Flour Tortillas

Your Favorite Regular Size Candy Bar

Small Jar of Marshmallow Cream (optional)

Melted Butter

1 Cup Sugar

2 Tablespoons Cinnamon


4 Bananas

4 of Your Favorite Candy Bars

Aluminum Foil


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