What's So Special About Cedar Grilling Planks?

With roots in Native American culinary history, the practice of grilling on wooden planks has become a popular method of cooking among 21st century grill enthusiasts. While planks were primarily used for roasting whole salmon, the method has been refined and modernized to include an array of foods that are perfect for cooking over an open flame.

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What is so special about cedar grilling planks, though? You'll find the answer lies in the benefits.

Benefit #1 - Easy and Convenient Food Handling

Delicate food items like fish tend to split, tear, and fall apart when shifting or flipping them. Cedar grilling planks offer a stable platform, allowing you to move and manipulate food without worrying about it falling through the grill grate. Besides ensuring your food remains intact, planks also help minimize moisture loss and ensure you can lift one large item or several small pieces at once. Handling cedar grilling planks are also easier on your hands than heavier cast iron grates, and probably not quite so hot - either way, we always recommend playing it safe.  Protect the hands!  It's the only pair you have - always wear Beast Armor heat resistant grilling gloves when handling hot bbq tools and equipment.

Benefit #2 - Great Presentation Value

Available in a variety of cuts, sizes, and finishes, the rustic look of grilling planks will boost the value of your presentation and add an element of fun to your table setting. Serving delicious food on a slab of wood directly off a hot grill is also bound to impress your guests. It's a unique, simple, and easy way to kick your badass factor up a few notches without putting in much effort.

Benefit #3 - Delicious Results

Cedar grilling planks do double duty as they impart a subtle smoky flavor to your foods and keep them moist. As this aromatic wood chars underneath, it releases a sweet smoke that permeates foods and enhances the taste of somewhat bland items like flaky white fish. In addition, the flavorful juices don't drip through the grate, but rather stay on the board. This ensures your food remains succulent and tasty.

Benefit #4 - Protect Foods

Since planks provide a heat shield, they're fairly forgiving and allow for much more control over cooking times. You don't have to worry about burning if you leave items cooking for a few extra minutes. You also don't have to spend as much time supervising the grill as you do when cooking over direct heat.

Benefit #5 - Super Quick Cleanup

Perhaps the biggest draw for no-nonsense grill masters is the efficient and practical cleanup. There's no mess, and you don't have to scrape burned bits of food off the grate after every cookout. Simply throw the plank away when you're done, or sand it down for a second use if it's thick enough and hasn't charred too much.

*A Word of Caution

It's crucial to purchase cedar, alder etc grilling planks that are safe for cooking purposes. Wood from your local timber supplier may be treated with harmful chemicals to prevent problems like mold, rot, and infestations. Always make certain you buy quality planks that have been specially produced for grilling... and while we currently don't stock cedar planks in our bbq store, you are sure to find other necessary barbecue tools and gadgets at the Grill Beast grilling accessories shop.

Ultimately, you should try planking if you haven't already. If the benefits above haven't transformed you into a fan, tasting the results sure will.

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