How Much Is Too Much To Spend On A Grill?

As long as there's a fire and a piece of meat to sear, most grill masters are content with a garden-variety cooker.

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Heck, some are happy to dig a pit in the back yard if it means a juicy steak on a plate for dinner. However, there are also those who firmly believe that state-of-the-art equipment is the only way to go. The question is how much is too much to spend on a grill? In this post, we look at this hotly debated question by focusing on specific purchasing factors.


Let's face it, you probably won't need a high-tech device if you're simply buying a grill to satisfy the carnivore in you once or twice a month. You will need a good-quality, reliable grill or smoker if you're planning to entertain or compete at bbq festivals and competitions on a regular basis. Therefore, you should consider the purpose of the cooker you're thinking of buying in order to justify the cost.

Frequency of Use

Performance is key, so consider how often you grill. While feeding your family grilled fare once a week won't do much damage, entertaining regularly can put strain on a grill's components over time. This generally translates to higher maintenance costs in the long-run. Rather spend a little more on a durable and trustworthy brand that's known to last for years.


Side burners, searing stations, warming racks, heating elements, and infrared technology might sound like amazing extras you must have at all costs, but the reality is that many grill masters never use them. Are you prepared to spend the cash on features you might never use? If it's not in your budget, rather cut back on the bells and whistles in favor of a basic grill that will last longer.


Buying a monstrosity of a grill not only limits where you can place it in your backyard, but it also limits where you can take it. If you want a grill that can travel with you on camping trips, visits to bbq festivals, and other events, you should save yourself some dough and buy something smaller. After all, the size of a device does not a grill master make.


While some grills are made from the highest quality stainless steel or cast iron, others are made from cheaper, common grade stainless steel or sheet metal. The materials used will greatly affect the price, so make sure the price is what it is because it indicates the quality of the grill rather than the brand or add-ons. Keep in mind that if you take great care of your device, there's no reason a reasonably priced cooker won't last as long as a top-of-the-line grill.


You're probably thinking that the price tag will be your final determining factor. It's what you can afford, right? Well, not necessarily. What costs less now could be relatively expensive in the long-run. For example, gas is cheaper but charcoal offers authentic flavor. Consider the trade-off and whether you can afford the long-term expense of maintaining the grill's components and fuel source.

Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with your purchase because buyer's remorse can be tough to get over. A steak is going to taste just as good whether it's cooked to perfection on a $50 grill or a top-notch grill with a $1000 price tag. Just be smart about it. 

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