Grill Beast's Meat Injector Kit for Improved Flavor

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Whether you're a cook, a chef, a backyard griller or a pit master smoker, whenever you're going to cook, smoke or grill a nice big piece of meat like a brisket, a pork butt or a juicy turkey for Thanksgiving, you need to think about two things; how can I get beyond surface flavor and how can I inject moisture inside of that meat?

My name's David Johnson. I'm the owner of Grill Beast BBQ Accessories down here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Let me show you something. Whenever you need to inject moisture or flavor inside the meat, you need a meat injector or marinade injector, what some people call them. Typical marinade injector, two and a half inch needle, plastic barrel, plastic plunger. Okay? Let me show you what Grill Beast has. Grill Beast has what we call the Beast Injector. Stainless steel construction, lifetime warranty. If anything ever goes wrong with it, you call us, you email us, we'll send you a new one. It's that simple.

First thing you're going to want to take a look at when you open the box is our insert. It tells you how to get your free eBook. It's an original eBook; you can't get it anywhere else. In the eBook we give you about a dozen recipes to start out with for your marinades. We also explain different flavors for different kinds of meats to help you come up with your own marinades. It also tells you how to take care of the Beast Injector, how to use the Beast Injector. On the other side of the insert it talks about our VIP program. You can find out more about that on our website.

You pull the container out of the box. The container is meant to be used and kept. You keep it in your drawer. You keep everything in there so you always know where all your parts are. You pull the injector out; you feel how heavy it is. This isn't plastic. It's all stainless steel. Lasts forever. Pull your plunger out a little bit and unscrew it. You want to take this top off because the first thing you want to do is wash this thing. You can wash it in your dishwasher; you can wash it in your sink. It's dishwasher safe. I wash mine in my sink. After you wash it, you dry it off, you'll apply a little bit of oil to the gasket or what I do I spray it with non-stick spray. It's all done. Then you stick it back in, screw the top back on, and it's ready to go. You're ready to inject some meat now.

It comes with two 6-inch needles. Why two? I'm going to explain it to you just right now. First needle, that's a typical needle. It's a slant-tip, wide-tip needle, six inches long. What this needle is for is for your chunky marinades. If you have some minced up onion or some minced up garlic and you want to get that stuff down in deep inside the meat, this is the tip you use. If you have an all-liquid marinade, this is the one for you. It's perforated with 12 holes around it. Okay? It helps with a more even distribution of your marinade. Both of these have gaskets so that way when you screw it to the barrel it doesn't leak. You don't have marinade squirting out all over the place. Okay? There it is; 6-inch needle, stainless steel, lifetime warranty. Plastic two and a half inch needle. Which one would you rather use?

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