Tutorial: How to Assemble And Disassemble Your Beast Injector

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You just got your Beast Injector in the mail. You're ready to use it. How do you take it apart? How do you put it together. Okay, it's very simple.

You got your stainless steel Beast Injector. You just pull the plunger out a little bit, you turn that, it spins right off. You pull the plunger out, wash it in your sink, wash it in your dishwasher, however you choose to do it. You make sure you apply a little bit of oil around here or spray it with cooking spray. Either way, you'd need to lubricate it because it's silicone rubbing against stainless steel. You need to have lubrication. So you put it back together. It's that simple.

You just screw it back on. You're ready to put the needles on. You have your choice of two needles. Decide which one you're doing. If you're doing a liquid marinade, you can use the one with the 12 holes in it. If you're doing something that's a little bit chunkier, it's got some thick pieces of spice in it, you need to use the wide-tip marinade needle, okay? It's very simple. You just screw it on finger tight, that you don't need a wrench or anything. You don't want it that tight, and you're ready to go. Have a good day.

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