Test Your Thermometer with Boiling Water the Right Way

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How you doing? This is David Johnson again from Grill Beast barbecue accessories. This is our second video of our three video series to show you how to properly test your thermometer to make sure it's accurate.

Now the first way was with the cold ice bath. The second is with boiling water, but there's a key to this. The boiling point of water is different for different elevations. So the first thing you need to do is figure out what your elevation is where you live. New Orleans, it's easy. We're at sea level. So our boiling point is 212 degrees. Now, you take a place like Denver, Colorado. Their elevation is 5200. And so their boiling point is 202.5. Now, we have a chart on GrillBeast.com in the owner's manual of the Beastometer. It's also in the ebook that comes with the Beastometer that will show you, based on your elevation, what your boiling point is.

So let me get that water boiling again. We'll check out the Beastometer, see what the temperature is, see if it's accurate, and then in the third video we're going to show you what to do if your thermometer is not reading correctly. Wait just a second. Okay. I've got my water boiling again. I'm going to use the same thermometer as I used for the ice bath. There's a lot of heat coming off of there. I'm going to put on my Beast Armor gloves on. Now because we're at sea level, this should go to 212. Okay, that's 211.8, I think. That's what it looks like to me. That's considered accurate.

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