Test Your Thermometer with Ice the Right Way

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Whenever you have something on your smoker or on your grill, what's the one tool you need that's going to let you know when your meat is done? It's your digital thermometer.

Now, how do you know if it's accurate? How do you test it? This is the first of three videos that I'm doing to show you two different ways to test it, and then what to do with your thermometer if it is not testing accurate.

So the first way to test it is a cold ice water bath. So the first thing you need is a big glass or a big mug. You need some crushed ice. It can't be cubed. It has to be all crushed. You fill it all the way up. So a common mistake people do, they just stick the thermometer in the ice. Well, what you're going to get is it's going to go way down below 32 degrees because the ice itself is below 32 degrees.

So what do you do? You add water. I'm going to just fill it up with water. Stir it around just a little bit. See how it's all full of ice and just enough water to make it slushy. Put your thermometer in. Depending on the kind of thermometer you have, if it's a good one, it'll only take you a few seconds. And you see this one, the Beastometer, it's 32.0. It's perfect. So at this point if your thermometer is not reading 31, 32, or 33 degrees, it's off. It has to be within two degrees to be considered accurate.

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