Beast Injector -- FAQs about Alternative Uses

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Is the Beast Injector an alternative to a turkey baster? Is the needle have a big enough diameter to use for heavy sauces? Can it be used to fill cupcakes and such? My name's David Johnson. I'm the C.E.O. of Grill Beast B.B.Q. Accessories down here in New Orleans, Louisiana.

These are F.A.Q.s that have come in this week. We're going to cover three of them real quick in this video.

Is the needle large enough to dispense heavy sauces? Yes, it is. The diameter of the inside of the needle is a little over a eighth inch. It's thick enough to pretty much do any sauce. I know I pull up heavy sauces that I use for marinades sometimes and it does great.

Next question says, I was looking for a safer alternative to the usual plastic turkey baster. Will this do the job, or am I looking at a completely different product? Yes, it's a completely different product. It's not a baster. A baster you use while you're cooking the turkey or a bird. The injector you use before you put the bird in the oven, in the smoker, grill, whatever you're doing with it. You use it before. So is it an alternative? I guess. I know when I do a turkey, I do it on the smoker. I inject it. I throw it on the smoker, and I don't touch it till it's done. There's no basting. The skin's all nice and brown and everything just from the smoker. I hope that answers that question.

This question, Can the injector be used to fill cupcakes and such? It's just what it asks. So the answer's yes. I was actually talking to a restaurant owner yesterday, and that is what they were using the injector for. What I will say is the injector can handle boiling water, but some sauces that you use to inject into cakes and cupcakes and all that kind of stuff is hotter than the 212 degrees of boiling water. So the gasket on the plunger will not handle hot sauces that get 400 and 500 degrees. So if you're doing an injection that the sauce is that kind of temperature, do not use it, or do not use the Beast Injector to inject it. Regular fillings and sauce, it's no problem at all.

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That's it for today. That's all the questions. Thanks.