Beast Injector Needles: Answering Questions about Diameter and Length

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Is the diameter of the needle on the Beast Injector wide enough to allow for added spices to be in your marinade? How long are the needles in the Beast Injector? Is the diameter of the needle in the Beast Injector more or less than a quarter inch? These are three of the questions we're going to cover in this video. My name is David Johnson, owner of Grill Beast BBQ Accessories down here in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The very first one, what is the diameter of the needle? Is it wider or narrower than a quarter inch? It is just under a quarter-inch wide. That's both needles. The outside diameter is the same. It's just under a quarter inch.

Is the needle opening large enough for added spices? Well, yes. I've done some marinades where the spice is so fine it's kind of like, it's finer than pepper. You can use this marinade needle for that one even. But this is generally for a liquid marinade. If you have something that's a little thicker, even like the size of pepper that's not dissolving, then you're going to want to use this injector because you can even do a minced-up onion or a minced garlic. Those will pass through this with no problem.

Last question, how long are the needles? Okay, the needles are just a little under 6 inches from the top of the thread to the tip.

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