Beast Injector: Your Plunger, Washing, and Warranty Questions Answered

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What kind of metal is the plunger on the Beast Injector marinade injector? Does the Beast Injector come apart for thorough cleaning? What kind of a warranty does the Beast Injector have? My name's David Johnson, Grill Beast BBQ Accessories down here in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are three of the questions we're going to cover today in this video.

The very first one, what kind of metal is the plunger? The whole marinade injector is stainless steel. The plunger's stainless steel, the barrel's stainless steel, and the two needles are stainless steel. The only thing that's not stainless steel is the silicone O-rings to help seal everything up. So it's stainless steel is what it is, okay?

The second question, does it come apart for thorough cleaning? Yes, it does. I just already kind of just did that. So you just take it apart, throw it in your dishwasher, wash it in your sink. Doesn't matter. So yeah.

What kind of warranty does this have? It's right on our box. Lifetime warranty, no questions asked. If you have a problem, give us a call, drop us an email, contact us on Facebook, Twitter, G , Pinterest, even. We'll take care of you.

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