Grill Beast: Learn About Our Bonus eBooks

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Let us know what you think of it. Have a good day.My name is David Johnson. I'm the owner, C.E.O. of Grill Beast B.B.Q. Accessories down here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Whenever you order any product from us, it comes with a ebook that is written specifically for that product. It gives you advice on the care of the product, how to use the product, and recipes to use with the product also.

So what you do, when you open your box, you'll see a insert. It'd have a web address on there, which is our website. It also has a pass code on there, which is underneath my finger here. So you go to our website. You'll have a link, and it'll tell you to download your book. You just put the code in there, and you download it. It's P.D.F. It'll work on any device, any computer. You don't need iBook. You don't need Amazon, Kindle, or whatever it is. So make sure you get it, and enjoy the book. 

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