Excerpt from Shredding a Pork Butt (5-16-2016)

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Dave: You can still see there's some fat in there that we need to clean out. You can see it right there. That's too much fat for me. See that nice smoke ring? I hope you're picking that up.

Wendy: Jason Salmon said shout out to his son, Garret.

Dave: Shout out to Jason's son Garret. All right, so anyway, I'm just going to kind of do a little bit of a pull real quick, kind of get through, get some of the fat out. A lot of people are kind of confused about why you shred. What?

Wendy: Reed wants to know where's you accent from.

Dave: I actually grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. If you're from Maryland or you're familiar with Maryland, the eastern shore of Maryland, about an hour from D.C. across the Chesapeake Bay.

So anyway, a lot of times, if you do your pork right, you can get it to fall apart really good. You can have good sandwiches or whatever you want, but when somebody shreds it, it's because the want a little bit of a different consistency. They want to mix that bark in with the rest of the meat. I know I hear people say all the time, "I don't need to use claws on my meat," but it all depends on what kind of shredding you want. If you just want just regular pull-apart, hey, man, you don't need claws at all.

So right now anyway, I'm just kind of going through, getting the fatty sections out. It's still hot. So the claws are good for that too. I'll get that on the side. Really, the best way to do it is just you hold the piece of meat with one, and you just drag across with the other. Most of it just falls apart. Sometimes there's a little bit of stringy sections. As you can see, it all just shreds up. The claws just make it easy work. You're not just shredding the meat along with the grain, whenever you're shredding with claws, you're actually shredding it up so you can get it on some soft taco shells, some slider buns. And like I said, you're mixing that bark in there.

Wendy: Jeff said you can also shred brisket with it.

Dave: You can. You can shred chicken. You can shred pretty much any meat. Really, I've only shredded a little bit of brisket with it, mainly pork, some chicken, kind of just depends on what you eat the most, I guess. You see, it's really hardly any work at all. That's all shredded up fine. You see that? Just hold it with one and shred with the other.

Sometime I guess, it may take one or two tries, to try to get used to it. I know the first couple of times I did it, I really didn't see the point. It's because I was doing it wrong, which is exactly why I'm doing these videos, live feeds, just for, you know, to help people out. Maybe they're not doing it right or maybe they're missing out on something because nobody showed them the right way to do it.